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Matthew met one of his heroes. Dave Brock, leader of veteran rock band Hawkwind while working at LBC. Captain Brock couldn't believe his ears when Wrighty starting singing along to all the Hawkwind records they played that morning, getting all the lyrics right - something Dave has sometimes struggled with on stage! So Dave invited Matthew to join the psychedelic warriors on stage to sing his favourite Hawkwind song, Spirit of the Age, at London's Astoria Theatre in December 2003.

Matthew agreed, the show was a sell out and a great friendship was born not just with Dave and his wife Kris but also with bass player Alan Davey and his girlfriend Sarah.

Matthew's made a number of live appearances with Hawkwind since including one at the Fairfield Halls in his hometown of Croydon, South London.

On 31 August 2005 Hawkwind released a remix of Spirit of the Age featuring Matthew and an album, Take Me To Your Leader is to follow in September.

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